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since August, 2010

Generati Level: Emu

My Motto:  Instead of worrying about what will come after, focus on what you can do with this life right now.

City:  Bellingham

State/Province:  Washington

Country:  United States of America

Interests:  SCA, languages, art, music, reading/writing fantasy/sci-fi, primitive skills/wilderness survival

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Reality Show Generator
Lawyers attempt to swim the English channel
Generated on 10/22/2010
Marrying Closeted Homosexuals
Generated on 10/22/2010
Jocks create and stage a musical
Generated on 10/22/2010
World of Warcraft (WoW) Name Generator
Generated on 9/2/2010
Blog Post Idea Generator
Some thoughts on X
Generated on 9/2/2010
Death Metal Band Name Generator
Merchants of Hatchet
Generated on 8/26/2010
Generated on 8/26/2010
Indian Name Generator
'Desperately Old Poop' of the Snickapadenda Tribe
Generated on 8/25/2010
'Heavy with Mother' of the Steppawango Tribe
Generated on 8/25/2010
Hippie Name Generator
Duskheart Dunebosom
Generated on 8/25/2010
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