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  • The Heroe's Journey Generator
    Recent Comments
    On 5/14/15 Silver_Sky said "Spectral Tidings: a tale of a careless electrician who goes to a future world of automatons in an attempt to survive. These results are so creative!"
    On 10/24/12 SpanglingSyrinx said "Godless Reach: a tale of a peaceful assassin who goes to a future world of demons in order to find her husband."
  • The Doctor Who-Based: "Strange New World" Generator
    Recent Comments
    On 11/9/11 kuesopop said "Nice, make more. P.S I rated 5."
    On 9/9/11 Elicard said "I got a headache about halfway through putting this one together, which means that it'll be edited to have even more wacky combinations. Still working out kinks for things like punctuation..."
  • The Mystical Artifact Generator
    Recent Comments
    On 9/15/12 2012nonbeliever said "Cool"
    On 9/8/11 kuesopop said "thanks for the fast response!"
  • Alien Creature Generator
    Recent Comments
    On 10/24/12 SpanglingSyrinx said "The capri-colored, crocodile-like creature holding an electric knife asks you for some Reeses' Pieces."
    On 10/24/12 SpanglingSyrinx said "The khaki, fish-shaped beast with gnashing fangs says that it read your online profile and thinks you're quite the hottie."
  • CYBORG - The Random Body-Augment Generator
  • Counter-Terrorist Oranization Generator (C-TOG)
    Recent Comments
    On 9/5/11 glump said "We have a situation, get me.... "Silver Panther Command "... "The Rainbow Predator League"....."Chrome Company"...."The Wild Enforcers"."
  • Custom Currency Generator 2.0
    Recent Comments
    On 10/23/12 noah4th said "I love this idea, and I was amused with the set-up, since most are barren. Unique concept, and seemingly well done. Continue to add variables, but if you do add an amount in the first field, it will be 'more' complete."
    On 9/15/12 CWRA0444 said "Also."
  • Fantasy Exclamation 2.0
    Recent Comments
    On 5/14/15 Silver_Sky said "You're a really good writer."
    On 9/8/11 Elicard said "I'll probably redo it at some point, but I'm glad you got SOME fun out of it. I figure the background stories will help set me apart around here..."

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