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since April, 2010

Generati Level: Kinkajou

My Motto:  I wish to comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable.

City:  Colorado Springs

State/Province:  Colorado

Country:  United States

Interests:  Science Fiction, coin collecting, woodworking, Art.

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Harry Potter Sequel Generator
Harry Potter and the Closet of Gangrenous Crisps
Generated on 7/8/2010
Harry Potter and the Student Union of Wicked Sadness
Generated on 7/6/2010
Greek God Generator
Cotyenaues, God of Bounced Checks and Botched Suicides
Generated on 5/28/2010
Personal Bio Generator
Spent 2002-2008 working on psoriasis in Deltona, FL. Gifted in training cannibalism in Prescott, AZ. Garnered an industry award while consulting about weebles in Minneapolis, MN. Spent childhood consulting about robotic shrimp with no outside help. Developed several new methods for researching yogurt in Las Vegas, NV. Enthusiastic about working on crayon art in Africa.
Generated on 5/28/2010
Spent 2002-2008 supervising the production of circus clowns in Salisbury, MD. Spent 2001-2005 exporting jump ropes in Cuba. Spoke at an international conference about working on inflatable dolls in Ocean City, NJ. Once had a dream of donating corncob pipes in Atlantic City, NJ. At the moment I'm writing about tattoos on the black market. Have a strong interest in merchandising dolls in Hanford, CA
Generated on 5/17/2010
Super Hero Name Generator
Professor Gravy
Generated on 5/14/2010
Haiku Generator
when i died nine lives
broken hearts beat monkey bars
with all hope arrows

Generated on 5/12/2010
Misfit Toy Generator
Andy the Gassy Toy Elephant
Generated on 5/8/2010
Confucius Quote Generator
You must never expect toast without fighting a drunk
Generated on 5/8/2010
Mob Name Generator
Andrew 'Quikrete' Carneglippo
Generated on 5/1/2010
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