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Plot Generator
A hitman with a foot fetish is locked in a bank with a boy from Kansas
Generated on 8/27/2012
Personal Bio Generator
Earned praise for getting my feet wet with cabbage on Wall Street. Spent 2001-2004 creating marketing channels for jungle gyms in Salisbury, MD. Spent 2001-2005 selling childrens books in Phoenix, AZ. Spent two years importing sheep with no outside help. Earned praise for building jungle gyms in Africa. A real dynamo when it comes to working with sheep in West Palm Beach, FL.
Generated on 8/27/2012
Haiku Generator
lost, broken thoughtless
scars slow to heal haunted dreams
when i died we met

Generated on 8/27/2012
on my toes today
rusted leaves fall robins call
heaven and hell rivers

Generated on 8/27/2012

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