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Business Book Title Generator
Success is in the Toilet

The Best in Streamlined Scalability
Generated on 5/2/2011
Kung Fu Movie Generator
Whimpering Fool , Whimpering Houseplant
Generated on 5/2/2011
Charlie Sheen Catch Phrase Generator
My dreams obliterate the foolish
Generated on 5/2/2011
Twitter Status Generator
Utterly wistful and selling the meaning of life.
Generated on 12/21/2010
Personal Bio Generator
Won several awards for short selling magma in Jacksonville, FL. Spent the better part of the 90's investing in hula hoops in Suffolk, NY. Once had a dream of managing soap scum in Tampa, FL. Have some experience lecturing about accordians in Prescott, AZ. Spent the 80's developing strategies for lint for farmers. Developed several new methods for deploying crickets in Salisbury, MD.
Generated on 12/20/2010

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