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since August, 2010

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My Motto:  I think my biggest motto is never underestimate the power of overestimation.



Country:  US

Interests:  photography and reading. also playing ds and wii; swimming; and writing stories randomly. :P

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Confucius Quote Generator
A fool must fear a journey of revenge without sharing two graves
Generated on 8/28/2010
Twitter Status Generator
Violently flattered and discovering the meaning of life.
Generated on 8/28/2010
Gleefully groomed and discovering good times.
Generated on 8/28/2010
Haiku Generator
a blown kiss lightning
rusted leaves fall now in bloom
robins call like rain

Generated on 8/28/2010
menacing to me
a hummingbird remorseful
in her eyes lost cause

Generated on 8/28/2010
snowflakes fall singing
the last ash falls in my ears
whispers fade hunger

Generated on 8/28/2010
Facebook Status Generator
My best friend balanced on a pair of underwear
Generated on 8/28/2010
My life-sized robot tried to steal a grandfather clock
Generated on 8/28/2010
My helper monkey traded a toy robot for a cemetary
Generated on 8/28/2010
Business Book Title Generator
The Ugly Never Buys a Customer

The Wisdom of Better-Than-Ever Impact
Generated on 8/27/2010
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