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My Motto:  Spent 2001-2004 consulting about wieners in the government sector. Had some great experience developing Elvis Presley in Atlantic City, NJ. Had some great experience importing xylophones in Phoenix, A





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First Name Generator
Generated on 1/29/2011
TV Show Title Mash-Up
All in the Emergency!
Generated on 1/26/2011
My Three Beaver
Generated on 1/26/2011
Soap Digest Generator
Parker continues to hate Bonner. Acacia awakes from a coma for a heartfelt reunion with Rex as the flames roar around them. Ned hides out with Carlisle.
Generated on 1/26/2011
Scary Clown Name Generator
Old Musty Greasemonkey
Generated on 1/26/2011
Race Horse Name Generator
His Honor the Pork Panic
Generated on 1/25/2011
I'm With the Cuckoo Hussy
Generated on 1/25/2011
Harry Potter Sequel Generator
Harry Potter and the Hall of Unloved Goats
Generated on 1/25/2011
Celebrity Throwdown Generator
Amanda Bynes vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Who's Better at:
Convincing a Jury?
Generated on 1/25/2011
College Bowl Game Generator
The Wheaton College Gay Dads
The Cranbrook Academy of Art Raisins
in the
Starbucks Tangerine Bowl
Generated on 1/25/2011
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