Creating a Basic Generator

(More to come!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own word lists when creating generators?

You sure can. Just select "Add My Own Words" from the list dropdown and then paste or type your word list into the blank field. Just make sure your words are comma separated.

Where can I find word lists to use for my generator?

The Web is full of word lists. Try searching for "list of (whatever)" and see what comes up. Wikipedia is a great source as well. Of course, sometimes the best thing to do is just sit down with a pen and a notebook and use your own stream of consciousness.

Can I add more word slots for my generator?

Not at this time.

What if I want to use just one word like "and" or "with" instead of a list?

Just create a one-word list (it will still need a title though). We've created a few already to speed things up. Just check the list dropdown.

Can I use Create a Generator to create words?

Indeed. Simply check the box labeled "No Space After Word" and you can combine two (or more) lists into one word. For instance if you chose "Metals" and "Colors" and checked the "No Space After Word" box under Metals, you might end up with the word IronRed.

Can I use profanity in my generator or include adult content?

Here's the deal. We appreciate adult humor as much as anybody and we're cool with you "going blue" with the generators you create. However, we also know hateful garbage when we see it and we will always reserve the right to delete any generators or members that we feel serve no good purpose but to please a few ignorant morons. If you have an idea that you feel might cross the line, feel free to bounce it off us first.

What is your comment policy?

Only members at the Capybara level and above are allowed to post. If a comment is abusive, uses excessive foul language, or includes an ad hominem attack we may decide to delete it. We may also let you know what we did and why, however there's a good chance you knew it was a bad idea when you submitted it. The comment area is intended to stimulate conversations about the work people do on our site. Please respect each other.