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Whether you're coming up with a new character for your novel, start a new life or simply quickly come up with background for your game profile, random name generators are invaluable.

A decade ago, the founders of generatorland were trying to come up with blog post ideas that might generate some traffic. Randomly, we posted an article about coming up with new superhero names and, unexpectedly, traffic surged. We quickly cobbled together some javascript and released the first Superhero Name Generator.

Weeks later we realized we had a hit. Over the course of the next few months we started putting out different random generators that created anything from restaurant menus to screen names. Over the next year, generatorland.com was born.

We decided that the best way to create the largest volume of awesome generators was to creat a tool that let people smarter and more creative than us quickly build their own random name generators.

Now you can create random names, hillbilly sayings, motorcycle gangs and whatever our massive user community comes up with.

Generatorland is a community of creative folks who enjoy the unexpected interaction of words and phrases to produce new and interesting combinations. To see more of their work, visit Our Member Generators page. To see more from our own staff, visit our Generatorland Originals page.