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name generator for games

Suddenly it hits you. A brilliant idea for a mobile game that will transfix a generation for several months or, hopefully a full year. You have a kernel of an idea and some awesome gameplay concepts that you're sure will be well-received and you start developing.

But you soon realize that the games peppering the most downloaded categories on iTunes and Google Play seem to have something in common. The game names are peppy and sound addictive before you even see the screenshots or game videos. How did they do it?

Some game developers bounce around hundreds of game name ideas before arriving at that perfect blend of relevance, fun and addictiveness. But that might involve weeks and months of arguments, brainstorm sessions and gut feelings.

We thought it might be helpful to shortcut all those painful discussions and replace it with a series of button clicks. With our name generator tools you can use an existing game name generator or feed in a series of random thoughts to create your own generator. In either case it's totally free.

Whether you're looking for a fantasy game name generator, game names or the perfect moniker for your amazing new mobile game, we have you covered.

Check out our links below or build your own game name generator. Good luck!

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