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What good is a name generator?

Name Generator for George WashingtonPeople often ask us if we have some kind of name generator fascination. The truth is we do. We love to bend and twist words into new, sometimes surprising things. Turns out a lot of other people apparently do too. That's what lead to this site.

A name is a highly random thing to begin with -- some names derive from combinations of other languages, some names are passed down, some are made up on the spot. And that's just human names. What about all the randomly-named objects out there? Why is a tree "a tree?" Why is an axe "an axe?" And why did someone named "George Washington" chop down "a tree" with "an axe" and then take a beating because he was dumb enough to admit it? At some point the name of anything sounds pretty much like random jibberish.

The GL staff each picked a name generator or two from our own stash that they think are worth crowing about. If you think you can build a better name generator, give it a try.

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