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Hollywood Gossip Generator

Careful now, don't go spreading these rumors in real life.

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claireviolet Awesome!!!!!
6:35 PM on 9/7/10
Critkal No fair! I was going to make a gossip generator. Back to the drawing board.
12:58 AM on 9/8/10
napdynmite Nice job 2thpick! It's as good as the one GeneratorLand built:
8:35 AM on 9/8/10
2thpick Thanks for the compliments folks. I really appreciate them.
11:39 PM on 9/8/10
minecraft4evas GOSSIP GIRL VOICE, ACTIVATE! Can you, like, BE-LIEEVE Sondra Locke, like, absolutely *breath* HATESSS Jessica Simpson? Oh, yeah, well, I heard that Lillian Gish choked Anna Nicole, Smith, you know, like, THAT girl? Oh, yaah, totally.
11:18 AM on 1/19/15
napdynmite Can you believe Robert Loggia was filmed skinny dipping with Rihanna.
6:17 PM on 3/16/16

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