Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts for Creative Writers at Generatorland.com

Even the best writers sometimes need a creative spark or "writing prompt" to get their fingers tapping. Many of the generators here at Generatorland make for great writing prompts and brainstorming tools. We've compiled a list of the best writing prompts we have. If you have ideas for more, please let us know!

Character Prompts

Character Name Generator

A simple prompt for creating unique characters. Includes first and last name, job title and city.

First Name Generator

Perfect for creating an enitrely unique and nee first name.

Personal Bio Generator

Create a work history for a character.

Fake Name Generator

Uber-simple first and last name generator.

Office Personality Generator

This is actually a quiz but the results can be helpful for creating office worker personalities.

Super Hero Name Generator

Create an original super hero to write about.

Mob Name Generator

Working on the next "Sopranos?" Use this to generate characters.

Pirate Name Generator

Plot Prompts

Plot Generator

A plot prompt that includes a job title, a condition, a plot twist as well as a second character with the same.

TV Show Pitch Generator

Generate an entire TV show plot including someone to play the starring role and the style.

Soap Digest Generator

A plot generator specific to the hyper-dramatic world of soap operas.

Newspaper Headline Generator

Get a story kicked off with a news headline.

Dialogue Prompts

Southern Sayings Generator

Need a unique and creative saying for a southern character. Look no further!

Joke Opening Generator

Creative joke writer for budding comedians.

Title Prompts

Horror Movie Title Generator

Create the next great horror flick starting with the title.

TV Show Title Mash-Up

Yank together two different TV show titles to create a new one (with potential plot implications).

Kung Fu Movie Generator

Create the next great Kung Fu action movie.

Place/Element Generators

Business Name Generator

Create a name for a fictitious business central to your plot.

Subdivision Name Generator

Suburban characters in need of a place of origin? Also works as a rest home name generator.

Motorcycle Gang Name Generator

Create teh next "Sons of Anarchy."

British Town Name Generator

If you need a mythical British town name as a setting, you'll find it here.

Other Writing Prompts

Haiku Generator

Blog Post Idea Generator