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Things I Still Find Funny Even Though They’re Totally Played

Farts Let’s just get this one out of the way. Farts are funny. Not too long ago, I sat around the dinner table with my entire family and we all played various fart machine apps on our phones. Several of us laughed hard enough to evoke the real thing. I don’t know why farts are […]

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days where it seems like it’s been predetermined that things are just going to keep going wrong until you give up and go back to bed? Like maybe you accidentally hit yourself in the jewels while spiking a football and then someone knocks you unconscious?           […]

Pet Names: You’ve Purchased a Plucky Little Pup — Now What?

It started one day when your kids visited their friend’s house and met their rambunctious little family friend “Jake,” possibly the cutest puppy yet produced on Earth (according to reliable sources). Since then it’s been an endless refrain of “Can we get a dog? Can we get a dog? Can we get a dog?” Finally you break […]

Randomly Generate Your Bucket List

I noticed that one of our members, midnightbeliever created a 2012 Reading Challenge Generator, the point of which, I assume is to randomly generate a book that you promise to read this year. Given that I haven’t read passed the 17th page of a book in several years  I will not be taking on this […]


I saw this today: The Zombie Apocalypse Continues With Two More Attacks In Miami And Louisiana. And I’m beginning to think that: A) the press might have been under-reporting these incidents prior to the catchy “Zombie Apocalypse” moniker and B) I’m going to go live on the moon.  

Name Generator Fun at Generator Land

With all the name generators being produced on a daily basis at the mothership, it’s easy for us to get behind in thanking the witty and attractive Generator Land members who make our site possible. Here’s a Name Generator Shout-Out to some of our more recent Generati: DarkChibiShadow has been driving mad Tumblr traffic with the […]

Stop Tickling Your Otter!

I think there are laws against this. Adorable little laws.

When Did Being a Cannibal Become Fashionable?

Apparently we are all doomed to be eaten by naked LSD junkies, our roommates or, possibly our own mothers. I have to say this trend caught me by surprise. I just started trying to eat more raw food and I thought I was being trendy. Clearly I missed the boat once again. On the other […]

Another Reason I Don’t Have Pets

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