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MySpace: The Tacky Teenage Diary That Wouldn’t Die

Remember MySpace, that garishly festooned micro blogging bastion for angst-ridden teens and child predators? Apparently it’s not only still around (I know!) it’s actually going to relaunch as a “music hub!” Again! I’m sure someone at MySpace is running around getting everyone else excited about the “new paradigm” at the company and the “endless possibilities” […]

Gingers Have Souls (But Not Soul)

There’s only one place for auto-tuning: turning real-life rants into music. Here’s one now…

Taco Hell

Famous People Do the Weather

I still want to see Jay-Z do the weather (I got 99 problems but low visibility ain’t one) but these will do for now.   Forecasts by Celebrities (via Daily Beast)

Upon further reflection…Yuck

Sometimes graphic designers need to take a few steps back before submitting their work (via Jim

Giant Creepy Fan Dwarfs Giant Pro NBA Center

BRB. I Need to go Bathe in Purell.

Thank you, Cracked, for making me want to live in a bubble for the rest of my life. I am glad that at least the article is light on gruesome medical photos. Not that I’ll sleep any easier tonight. The 6 Most Terrifying Infections You Won’t Believe Are Real

Brady Bunch of Crap Medley

A deliciously¬†embarrassing¬†trainwreck with some of the worst singing and dancing you’re likely to see. Even FloHo seems out of her element. Although I have to admit it was nice to see a guest appearance by Rerun.

Yes, Even YOU Can Get a Job Dancing in a Music Video

I saw this on Buzzfeed and I though to myself, wasn’t Donna Summer a huge international celebrity when this song came out? Shouldn’t an artist of her stature have been able to find a real lead dancer for her music video instead of a waiter from the Bennigans down the street from the studio? Also, […]

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