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Looking for a Name Generator?

People often come to Generatorland looking for a name generator they have in mind so we collected some of our favorite homegrown name generator examples into one list. Check out the collection and let us know which you think are useful or useless. Also, if you have suggestions for more, let us know in the comments. […]

Aaarrrhhhhhh Matey! Pirates Are Still Cool

Let’s put aside the doings of actual pirates for a moment and focus on the romanticized version of pirates that Hollywood loves. Those pirates are actually cool. Most of them swill booze, tell bawdy jokes and only plunder from people who probably deserve to be plundered. Like pancake-makeup-wearing British dandies. Anyway, in the spirit of […]

A Business by Any Other Name

We’ve had a lot of requests for a Business Name Generator and we’ve had a few users build their own. We decided to buckle down and build one. Actually we re-purposed the Domain Name Generator because these days it’s essentially the same thing. Most companies trying to think up a new company name alternate between […]

A Name Generator for Lonely Boys

When we started several years ago, it was more about finding a project for my buddy Joe (a developer) and me (a writer) to work on together more than anything else. We certainly didn’t set out to be one of the most popular name generator sites on the Web. In fact the only reason […]

New Name — No Explanation Necessary

You don’t have to be an undercover agent to need a fake name. Maybe you just need a new name for the bar tonight. Or perhaps you’ve won the lottery and want to move away to a remote tropical island to wait until the fuss dies down. We won’t judge. We will, however provide you […]

Randomly Generate Your Bucket List

I noticed that one of our members, midnightbeliever created a 2012 Reading Challenge Generator, the point of which, I assume is to randomly generate a book that you promise to read this year. Given that I haven’t read passed the 17th page of a book in several years  I will not be taking on this […]

Name Generator Fun at Generator Land

With all the name generators being produced on a daily basis at the mothership, it’s easy for us to get behind in thanking the witty and attractive Generator Land members who make our site possible. Here’s a Name Generator Shout-Out to some of our more recent Generati: DarkChibiShadow has been driving mad Tumblr traffic with the […]

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