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Rompers for Guys: All Is Lost

We are now supposed to just accept that there are rompers for guys like it’s some kind of inevitable¬†conclusion to a fashion question that nobody asked. Based on the photo above they look like something that’s supposed to be incredibly comfortable but incredibly isn’t. The colors and patterns look like a Key West nightclub threw […]

The 80’s Are Back! Crap!

“President Donald Trump” sounds like it came out of a random generator on Generatorland. Maybe the “Most Unlikely U.S. President Generator.” Lena Horne and The Shamwow Guy could have been options as well. We are about to return to a new version of the 80’s. It’s like a mass Quantum Leap!¬†Anyway, I think now is […]

5 Things That Your Online Forms Should Never Do

Hey Web site owner! I’m here to complete a form on your site because I want something you’re selling! Isn’t that great? Let me just get through this form and then you can have my money. Here we go… Why Did You “Forget” What I Just Typed? I finally get to the end of your […]

Aqua Notes Are Truly Awesome

A while back I was on a mission. I was sick of having good ideas in the shower and then forgetting them by the time I was able to get to a pen and paper or PC. It got to the point where I was consciously trying NOT to think in the shower so I […]

11 Business Cliches That Must Die a Horrible Death Now

Nonsensical and annoying verbiage seeps into a business like water through a basement crack and blooms into colorful and pungent mold quicker than you can spray it with the bleach of sanity (consider that metaphor tortured!). As junior execs and managers vainly attempt to become accepted by senior execs and C-levels, they adopt the same […]

How Do I Blog?

So, Seriously. How Do I Blog? A lot of people have said to me, “Hey, how do I blog?” Either they want to start a blog and see if they can make any money or they just have an urge to hold forth on a certain topic. Usually they’re not so much asking “How do […]

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days where it seems like it’s been predetermined that things are just going to keep going wrong until you give up and go back to bed? Like maybe you accidentally hit yourself in the jewels while spiking a football and then someone knocks you unconscious?           […]

When Did Being a Cannibal Become Fashionable?

Apparently we are all doomed to be eaten by naked LSD junkies, our roommates or, possibly our own mothers. I have to say this trend caught me by surprise. I just started trying to eat more raw food and I thought I was being trendy. Clearly I missed the boat once again. On the other […]

MySpace: The Tacky Teenage Diary That Wouldn’t Die

Remember MySpace, that garishly festooned micro blogging bastion for angst-ridden teens and child predators? Apparently it’s not only still around (I know!) it’s actually going to relaunch as a “music hub!” Again! I’m sure someone at MySpace is running around getting everyone else excited about the “new paradigm” at the company and the “endless possibilities” […]

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