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Consumer Confidence Index Generator

The Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) is generated by analyzing key economic indicators, trends and buying patterns and then ignoring them in favor of a combination of Haitian voodoo and parlor tricks. The results may not actually gauge the relative financial health, spending power and confidence of the average consumer, but then neither does anything else.


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SqueezlePrime Paranoid Anxiety - I feel this way all the time, especially when I haven't gotten any sleep.
2:35 PM on 4/16/11
napdynmite I'm feeling reluctant trust. No doubt.
1:15 PM on 5/14/11
Thirdmartin love it
9:32 PM on 5/14/12
Tatertat "worried certainty" sounds about right
9:04 AM on 6/25/16
VintageLemonBlood sarcastic reluctance. That about sums it up X3
5:46 PM on 8/29/18
Ezcetera “Genuine Fear” lmaooo
3:57 PM on 12/22/19

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