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ceeceeroxx "Santa Claus steals the identity of an anesthesiologist from Tennessee" Wow! I never excpeted Santa dosomething that crazy! O.o
2:28 PM on 4/23/11
ff2 "a mysterious tall man"? oh crap.. don't think about him.. he doesn't exist if you don't think about him...
10:19 PM on 8/16/11
CWRA0444 @YogiDragon I think they have custom backgrounds.
1:20 PM on 9/18/12
Solarius Scorch "A marijuana farmer starts a doomed romance with a skinhead with a failed rap career" Now this is some serious flick.
5:38 AM on 2/20/13
Dionaeamuscipula A boxing kangaroo who's really a ghost accidentally kills a hot dog vendor who can't feel pain But he can't feel pain.... this is amazing!
2:31 PM on 5/23/13
soliloquySpinner Santa Claus who's really a ghost starts a doomed romance with a clown who only speaks in pig latin. This is... some pretty trippy stuff. xD I never thought Santa was capable of this...madness. Clowns. Just...banish these images.
1:53 AM on 11/25/13
minecraft4evas A talking polar bear who once killed a cop enlists the help of a children's book writer from Louisiana A philosopher who works for the FBI nurses a boy An arsonist who wants to stay single hides from the law with a punk rocker COMBINE IT ALL
7:01 PM on 11/27/14
minecraft4evas daheq? A perennial bachelor from District of Columbia is trapped on an island with a misunderstood playboy from Louisiana
7:23 PM on 11/27/14
minecraft4evas An amateur magician from Kansas feels a kinship with a carpenter from US Virgin Islands Sounds much more normal.
11:21 AM on 1/19/15
FujisakiCheerio "A hit an inherits an Olympic diver from North Carolina." I just... What?
10:52 AM on 8/13/15
DAVIDHELEN5 A ghost from Kentucky hides from the law with a trained chimpanzee whos on the lam. I don't see things ending well there.
8:54 PM on 8/25/13
Shyshaeia Wow, either I did not play with it enough or it got updated: "A fey psychiatrist who just might be an angel journeys through space with a philosopher who is the embodiment of Satan"
1:46 PM on 2/26/14
Adipocere "A minister who craves sex all the time changes places with a father of five with a drinking problem" I can imagine how that would end
9:37 PM on 12/3/13
Adipocere "A dirty cop who is secretly gay starts a doomed romance with a punk rocker who can stop time" Wow! I'd like to see that.
5:40 PM on 12/1/13
awesometasticircle95 and acrobat from alaska is thwarted by a circus freak with chronic hiccups. sounds awesome.
6:23 PM on 5/27/11
telkol "An opera singer must save the world with the help of a magical horse" because if you had to pick one magical animal to save the world with it would be the horse
10:01 PM on 1/25/11
ThePelton "A blimp pilot from West Virginia reviews bad theatre with a bored housewife from North Carolina." Didn't I see that on TV late one Sunday Night?
1:48 PM on 5/1/10
meachie "A priest who detests people feels a kinship with a boy who is a serial shoplifter" Hmm...I think we all know where this is going?
6:33 PM on 11/18/12
hawkfrost050 "A gameshow host from Wisconsin is stranded on a desert island with a magical horse who is filled with rage" I'm writing a story about that!
1:20 AM on 9/5/11
bananapiepie An altar boy who is secretly gay works the cabana at a nude beach with a mercenary who's a zombie well... that would be interesting
3:49 AM on 3/22/14
ETCanime "A movie star who designs sculptures from sewage falls in love with a plumber who is the embodiment of Satan." I can see how this would fit (strangely) together... until I read "who is the embodiment of satan"
8:11 PM on 2/22/14
Thirdmartin A cartoon harp seal from Delaware feels a kinship with a clown who cries uncontrollably lol
2:59 PM on 5/14/12
lordspynal Great,some really funny stuff come out!
5:07 PM on 2/18/10
Xenith Impressive. You did a great job with this!
12:41 AM on 9/14/14
YogiDragon What is the background called?
8:28 PM on 4/24/12
Gabreialla Most of these are really funny and useful.
5:35 PM on 3/21/13

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