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Haiku Generator
Unleash your inner poet. Just click the Haiku Generator button and get ready to tell people they can read "whatever they want" into your poem. It "lives its own life" and can "mean many things." Yeah.

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J-Ho I'm filled with inner peace when reading these results. Thank you.
3:34 PM on 1/10/10
GravityBall44 in my ears angels ending begins in her eyes lost, broken again
5:21 PM on 1/29/10
claireviolet lost, broken now dead wet noodles steam continues leaving home whimpers
8:29 PM on 3/2/10
gracierogers beneath sky muddle *sigh* long lost dreams gone; whispers fade... *sob* salted pork calling -yum!
4:43 AM on 3/31/10
Melek "blood stained face forlorn the clouds reveal underwear shining sun not down" Deep... lol
1:48 PM on 4/5/10
Ninure Pretty amazing!!
8:45 AM on 4/15/10
ThePelton "When I died nine lives broken hearts beat monkey bars with all hope arrows" wow!
5:33 PM on 5/12/10
esnipplee luminous lamplight, as sparrows sing with all hope, a drainpipe willows,
2:46 AM on 6/28/10
ThePelton "In my heart for love/steaming mud waits on this day/ a drainpipe in bloom". Should I call a plumber?
8:14 PM on 7/6/10
photographicCHIC105 "a blown kiss lightning/ rusted leaves fall now in bloom/ robins call like rain" this is awesome!
11:37 AM on 8/28/10
EmmaUchiha Eyes glisten midnight; Pull out my eyes beneath sky; Drunken thoughts now dead; >.>;; I don't know why I did that second thing thar.
5:08 PM on 2/7/11
LimitationsX49 Some of these are so random.
8:38 PM on 4/8/11
IrisTheFlower lol... a dog shakes lifeless / laundry hangs dry in our hearts / ferris wheels in bloom... these are so awesome!
12:47 AM on 4/23/11
Ravencrime menacing angels/ rain on rooftops when i died/ luminous willows
11:12 AM on 4/29/11
Wolfhearted "heaven and hell" is four syllables. otherwise, awesome!
12:33 AM on 3/30/12
CWRA0444 Some of these make no sense, but speak to you anyways... My inner poet will soon be unleashed.
6:39 PM on 9/18/12
CWRA0444 Laundry hangs dry on my toes?
6:45 PM on 9/18/12
Smaners1222 I always get something about nightmares or dark dreams
8:34 PM on 9/21/12
Entracon08 underwear stunning - XD rusted leaves fall rain buckets - WAT stained table cloths your smile - Da heck?
1:01 PM on 4/26/13
VonanLeyl will stay strong eyes met lost memories on this day in the trees angels
12:34 PM on 5/6/13
CHGuenette will stay strong nine lives a glass of wine glowing moon on this day with joy. Heavy, no?
12:41 PM on 5/30/13
CHGuenette ferris wheels weighs down, bitterest fogs lucid dreams, sand grains fall I think.
12:46 PM on 5/30/13
coolshine3214 small blue bits feathers planted in soil with all hope with all hope upon
5:05 PM on 7/14/13
CHGuenette Haunted dreams heartfelt, witness the lack with all hope, in the trees to me.
12:44 PM on 7/2/14
Terebinth blood stained face lost cause, rusted leaves fall whispers fade, in our hearts gray clouds
7:28 PM on 11/15/14
minecraft4evas luminous away lost memories haunted dreams small blue bits now lost Deep, isn't it?
7:36 PM on 11/27/14
Syrface "leaving home reason / a roiling stream on my tongue / heaven and hell my thoughts" All because my ramen was too hot. Goodbye forever.
10:52 PM on 9/2/15
faf_caligula15 "ironic dreaming shadows silent on my toes remorseful we met" - that's so... ultra poetic, man.
11:17 AM on 11/8/15
cheesecake I will read these haikus to my grandchildren one day
11:05 PM on 1/2/16
CuboidNeko beneath sky vital pull out my eyes unbelieved on my knees with pain
1:43 PM on 1/31/16
AverageGamingPlayer Underwear never
1:39 PM on 4/29/16
2012nonbeliever when i died under roaches scuttle in the yard lost, broken your lips
7:54 PM on 5/16/16
2012nonbeliever when i died under roaches scuttle in the yard lost, broken your lips
7:54 PM on 5/16/16
DudeMcPersonface Awesome xD makes me think of Apollo's haikus.
9:03 AM on 6/4/17
whatever1013 leaving home dreaming spiders spin webs a crow caws haunted moon calling This is lovely! Thank you!
8:03 PM on 9/19/17
PixelaRedwood stained table cloths hunger a sparrow weeps on this day lost highway aching, omg that is deep
9:48 PM on 9/24/17
whatever1013 whispers fade safely / streets full of rain whispers fade / my old home in bloom
12:00 AM on 9/25/17
McWhipplestick Three more shots with joy, standing still silent in my heart, my old home again. Wow.
2:50 PM on 12/26/17
VintageLemonBlood in my ears grinning as sparrows sing a blown kiss three more shots feathers actually kinda dark
6:03 PM on 8/29/18
RickyHell lucid dreams flutters scars slow to heal ferris wheels continues silent
2:18 PM on 10/7/18
ILoveMemes3000 heaven and hell sadness lost memories blood stained face lost, broken wanders This is actually kinda cool
1:48 AM on 3/21/23

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