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Confucius Says
The Confucius Quote Generator
Confucius quotes are full of wisdom and lessons, which you won't find here. However you can generate something Confucius' drunken idiot brother might say instead. Because a fool can enslave a camel but must always lay with a canary.

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napdynmite A duck may always laugh at a pearl but will not dance with the ocean
11:16 PM on 2/25/10
ThePelton "You must never expect toast without fighting a drunk. " How profound!
1:11 PM on 5/8/10
photographicCHIC105 lol
11:46 AM on 8/28/10
esnipplee Love your past or you will lie about broken promises. ...actually good.
5:29 AM on 10/6/10
EmmaUchiha Hey... "A rich man might climb an apple and be in the shadow of the worm. " This thing actually dishes out some wisdom.
8:17 PM on 2/6/11
Ravencrime "You must discover your mistakes without inviting a vampire."
11:41 AM on 4/29/11
Ravencrime this one was odd... "Thank God for giraffes and you may as well hide from sex."
11:43 AM on 4/29/11
13bronze Never cheat your pride without inviting a drunk very wise advice. . . . . .
8:12 AM on 5/10/11
gracierogers Bury another's lover if you would forget a pig.
11:42 AM on 10/19/11
BoneyGumboHopkins "You must hide your pride without fighting an angry bull."
5:42 AM on 12/30/11
Kiarie95 "A poor man may never laugh about a mountain but will always devour a gorilla." Wha?
4:42 AM on 4/5/12
555pero555 An evil man may always trip over merriment but never sit on why. true,my friends
11:18 AM on 6/4/12
555pero555 lose your past or lose the past.
5:56 AM on 6/5/12
Smaners1222 you must never expect a journey of revenge without burying a dog... Thats just sad
8:39 PM on 9/21/12
colbysma Study the yolk or battle with lies :)
2:28 AM on 10/6/12
CWRA0444 A wide man must take buttered toast without inviting secrets
12:06 AM on 10/17/12
CWRA0444 Wise*
12:09 AM on 10/17/12
VonanLeyl Hide from truth and you may as well live under excuses.
4:47 PM on 5/4/13
Jungle333 "Always expect a journey of revenge if you did not share an apple." True...
10:13 PM on 6/20/13
munnin "An angry man can have dominion over war but can hold a parrot"...oh that makes sense...
12:26 PM on 10/2/13
soliloquySpinner ''A leper should forget to frolic with the miller's wife but must always root for an apple tree.'' Too right! Leprosy's sexually transmittable! Quick, hide all the millers' wives and plant all your apple trees!
1:49 AM on 11/26/13
Adipocere "Lose your success and love ignorance Ask for the past and forget ignorance Lose your obligations or you will forget the past" Not too bad! "Discover your mother and father and cheat hard things" That's wisdom for ya, right there.
5:35 PM on 12/1/13
xxStarlight13xx "A drunk may never fully grasp glory but may fully grasp a sloth" Lol.
8:12 PM on 12/18/13
xxStarlight13xx Here's another good one "A dead man might eat with existence but must dig deep within a criminal"
9:27 PM on 12/18/13
xxStarlight13xx "Cheer for the punishment if you would live under failure" The most amazing one yet!
9:44 PM on 12/18/13
Necrosis33 Cheer for beliefs or love sex... poll please...
3:10 AM on 5/11/14
ToTheMax "Before you find buttered toast without fighting a fool "
4:55 PM on 7/10/14
Akavakaku "Never expect a journey of revenge without inviting two graves." Actual wisdom here!
4:44 PM on 7/24/14
minecraft4evas An idiot should pray for your drycleaning without inviting the sands of time . . . . .. .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. .
7:26 PM on 11/27/14
minecraft4evas A lazy man can forget to nurture love and suffer from hell :)
7:56 PM on 11/27/14
Akavakaku "A reasonable man may wish for a heart but can sleep with a lost cause."
3:45 AM on 3/6/15
Gilamex Sometimes this gives some eerie results... "An outsider might swing from thirst but will always cry over a glass of water."
12:45 AM on 6/2/15
homuncularquidnunc Hate the past or hate sex
10:28 PM on 9/2/15
notfromlondon A fool must fear toast without trading folly
9:28 AM on 5/27/16
Ritachin "Fear another's wife and you'll find you will hide from another's wife" Makes sense.
5:57 PM on 7/27/16
NamioftheSea "The devil can hide from a soldier but must mingle with a man" sounds kinda deep
5:13 PM on 5/9/17
NamioftheSea "Weep for misconceptions or love hard things"
6:18 PM on 5/9/17
UndeadYeti Lose a glass of mead and you may as well forget a frozen lake
9:29 AM on 5/21/17
ILoveMemes3000 "A customer can stumble upon a pearl and see exasperation" basically Karens lmao
3:20 AM on 7/6/22
ILoveMemes3000 "Rely on ignorance and you'll live under failure" "Hate sex and you'll find you will hide from sex" "Show them truth and you'll find you will love promises" these are actually good tho
3:30 AM on 7/6/22

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