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Fursona Generator

generate the fursona of your dreams (by softhoof)


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DrBored This thing keeps surprising me...
3:19 PM on 8/29/14
VonanLeyl Amazing, good job! ^.^
4:21 PM on 9/27/14
sinister101 glittering blue fawn. it is a biologist specializing in marine invertebrates. a golden halo floats above its head.
5:20 PM on 10/20/14
sinister101 sparkling purple tiger. to look into its eyes is to peer into a distant abyss. it wears a neutral milk hotel t-shirt with red fishnets and nothing else.
5:26 PM on 10/20/14
sinister101 I like it, its hilarious!
5:35 PM on 10/20/14
DeW0lfe blue and white striped bat. it wears a black leather outfit. it has fangs capable of injecting venom. Oh nice.
10:54 AM on 12/12/14
santaclaus Offended plus digustedd
11:08 PM on 2/10/15
santaclaus I'm calling the obamas
11:08 PM on 2/10/15
SweetMarshmallowPony Unholy fennec fox. It has numerous piercings. It wears short shorts that say CLAM. Seemed pretty emo until that last bit.
4:27 AM on 2/19/15
WolfMoon2845 purple and blue salamander. it has ram horns. it has a halo. over its ass. Well then
2:12 PM on 2/28/15
Nightmare Tori "speckled hydra. its face is actually an electronic screen. it has a hoard of bones." This think never ceases to surprise me XD
2:52 PM on 3/22/15
sassydingo neon green iguana. it only listens to metal. it robs banks and its partner in crime is the next fursona you generate. glittering black rat. it won't stop sweating. there are scorpions everywhere.
12:29 PM on 3/24/15
sinister101 purple and blue dachshund. it is the leader of an association of villains. it is shaking.
8:32 PM on 4/2/15
Advakhiel On my first try, I got an eldritch snail who loves gore and is covered in occult sigils and runes that pulse ominously. That is me!
10:40 AM on 4/27/15
Cela08 "glowing wyrm. it wears a golden crown. it works as a librarian in hell." yes please.
11:31 PM on 4/30/15
Cela08 "pastel salamander. it can't stop knitting. it is a biologist specializing in marine invertebrates." This is so cute tho
11:32 PM on 4/30/15
Cela08 "scene hydra. it has tentacles. it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen." True, it probably would be the most beautiful thing ever.
11:33 PM on 4/30/15
The caped bacon Yellow panda. It's pupils are slits. It wears a plain white mask Panda serial killer?
12:09 PM on 6/14/15
mew this is so famous wtf
9:58 AM on 8/28/15
avenger139 "OBSCENELY BRIGHT YELLOW bee. it has an impractically large sword. it calls everybody comrade." This is absolutely perfect.
12:42 PM on 10/5/15
Demonify "Ancient goat. It is a witch. You are afraid." I asked for a fursona and I get Toriel.
4:57 AM on 12/31/15
NyanCatGamer "alien eel. it is a viking. it is a viking."
12:31 AM on 1/11/16
Arachnakid "floral hamster. it works at an adorable tiny bakery. it loves to wear combat boots with cute stickers all over them." Aaaah, tiny hamster bakery!
12:06 AM on 6/28/16

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