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what should your next post be?

(by softhoof)


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santaclaus how did this happen
10:57 PM on 2/10/15
santaclaus I HATE MARCARNI PLUS CHES for the rest of my life
11:10 PM on 2/10/15
LavenderLullabies "welcome to the dark sludge pit. down here we fear concentrated fruit juices." This thing keeps surprising me... XD
12:32 AM on 2/19/15
SweetMarshmallowPony every time you SIN you gain ONE SINPOINT. i SIN frequently and gain SINPOINTS often because i get along with others despite differing opinions about macklemore
4:31 AM on 2/19/15
LavenderLullabies "imagine your otp fusing into one more powerful being that will take over the world and look like beyonce " oh my god
12:40 PM on 2/22/15
jdalmau27 "My beak is my most beautiful feature. I use it to paint genders." lel
5:21 PM on 2/25/15
jdalmau27 "imagine your otp preparing to admire a beak" Ok. *tries to imagine it* Nope. Can't do it.
5:24 PM on 2/25/15
jdalmau27 "This is someone dying while having an MRI scan. Before you die your brain releases tons and tons of endorphins that make you cuddle elves" Seems legit.
5:30 PM on 2/25/15
jdalmau27 "i think its wrong to release corn" I was literally just thinking the same thing. 12/10 would generate again
6:21 PM on 2/26/15
WolfMoon2845 "imagine your otp preparing to fill the void left by black sludge" WHAT DID THE BLACK SLUDGE EVEN DO
2:06 PM on 2/28/15
WolfMoon2845 "this is a warning: do not look like anime" Thanks for the warning
2:06 PM on 2/28/15
zillyjay there is no ethical consumption when you have heterosexuals
6:47 AM on 3/2/15
ceeceeroxx lets get down to business to release cisgenders holy shit
6:06 PM on 3/4/15
ceeceeroxx "the goal: popularize bones" did you mean last years skeleton war
6:07 PM on 3/4/15
jdalmau27 (looking pensively at the sky) sometimes we forget to only eat wolves OMG THAT IS SO TRUE :O
11:26 AM on 3/5/15
jdalmau27 at my sleepover we will engage in fun activities. for example we can growl at blood
12:17 PM on 3/5/15
Akavakaku i try to cheer up by thinking about knives in times like this i ask myself... what would a dog do? it'd probably growl at mras im horrible. im terrible. i interact with friends
3:41 AM on 3/6/15
bruxadoll who NEEDS ethically sourced memes when you can just emulate meninism
5:19 PM on 3/24/15
bruxadoll at my sleepover we will engage in fun activities. for example, we can regret corn.
5:22 PM on 3/24/15
nag20987 This is someone dying while having an MRI scan. Before you die your brain releases tons and tons of endorphins that make you try to ban my ass
12:30 PM on 3/28/15
Cela08 "i dont feel love or affection for humankind. i only understand disease" Very true. "i am a fox. i break into the farmers chicken coop. i eat humans" Also true.
11:39 PM on 4/30/15
jdalmau27 why doesnt tumblr allow you to openly receive birds Good question. I wonder why?
2:09 PM on 5/7/15
Akavakaku "when i wake up i immediately be a cranky owl" Actually makes sense.
11:20 PM on 5/8/15
Akavakaku "the goal: get along with others despite differing opinions on life"
11:37 PM on 5/8/15
Akavakaku "(leading u on a secluded path thru the woods) yeah i guess you could say i purchase mushrooms" I don't want to know where the path goes...
1:11 AM on 6/1/15
Sydney "im not like those other guys. i sink into the warm embrace of girls" I'm not ever a guy-
7:16 PM on 6/19/15
sce5ha "the DEATH MOON HELL RITUAL will begin after we run away from heterosexuals"
5:44 AM on 7/3/15
Lemonbernard Makeup can really transform your appearance. For example I use makeup to regret friends
9:25 AM on 7/3/15
Lemonbernard do you hear the people sing? singing the song of angry men? it is the music of me when i try to cheer up by thinking about superwholock. HAHAHA
9:26 AM on 7/3/15
9:28 AM on 7/3/15
Lemonbernard OPEN THIS PIT UP i shout as i manipulate this loathsome flesh suit
9:30 AM on 7/3/15
Bernardlemon ITS PERFECT
6:59 PM on 12/23/15
Bernardlemon i always try to make a statement with my fashion...thats why today i wore a crop top with a pic of richard nixon captioned: interact with a lemur
7:01 PM on 12/23/15
ftpillz "the goal: flirt with the dark sludge pit"
8:51 PM on 12/26/15
Generatorthegenerator "i only know how to flirt with shrek"
5:52 AM on 1/16/16
NyanCatGamer watch as i accuse me of enjoying this loathsome flesh suit
2:14 AM on 1/21/16
Arachnakid there arent enough people at my school who accuse me of hating america.
12:23 AM on 6/28/16
Bernardlemon i gaze solemnly out of the car window. droplets of rain slide down and collect on its surface. the pigeon-grey sky is clouded over and thick with cold crisp moisture. i turn to you and say what we have both been thinking: i want to disobey beard oil?
9:49 PM on 7/19/16
SylviaMaple "the lyrics are: im gonna pop some tags/fill the void left by death" actually me????
4:16 PM on 12/22/16
springacres "we need to start a fundraiser in order to illegally torrent our benevolent lizard overlords" #seemslegit
2:24 PM on 5/7/18
Opia this post generator is alright i guess but if i could be doing anything right now i would rather experience death
1:45 AM on 6/5/18
Aquanell all those rpg video games are the same. leveling up and fighting dragons. i want something different... a video game where u destroy dragons e.e
11:43 AM on 1/19/19
Aquanell the DEATH MOON HELL RITUAL will begin after we spy on a realy tiny seashell What the fuck?
1:34 PM on 2/26/19
jayevrd a dating show like the bachelor but for possums looking to escape love? does this thing get updated?? its real fuckin good
6:38 PM on 3/7/19
Aquanell we... are the crystal gems! well always save the day! and if you think we cant... we will draw the end of days. I am...concerned??
4:29 PM on 7/8/19
ClerihewYawn lol this generator.... ;) i guess you could say i avoid communism
3:49 PM on 10/8/19
ClerihewYawn Good question..."if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would they serenade a decent person?" IDK (probably not)
3:50 PM on 10/8/19
Idiot Dude "I'm not a person. I'm a bunch of legos and I romanticize shrimp." Nice.
6:42 PM on 5/26/20
Idiot Dude Is chat dead?
6:43 PM on 5/26/20
ToesAreTasty i must hide from horses
3:39 PM on 10/29/20
JunFerra "a little known fact is that there is a worm version of every holiday. for example on worm valentines day we celebrate worm love and feed off of 165 parakeets"-what the...
8:39 AM on 11/27/21
JunFerra "the lyrics are: because you know im all about that bass/bout that bass/ try to ban america"-nice
8:40 AM on 11/27/21

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