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Hunger Games Character Name Generator

Create your very own Hunger Games Character.

Hunger Games Character

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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JackkGrantt meh..
12:50 PM on 5/30/12
JackkGrantt I was dissapointed as a lot of the names are inspired from the book :-/
12:50 PM on 5/30/12
JackkGrantt But i love its overall look :)
12:50 PM on 5/30/12
CWRA0444 Why do they all sound so... Exotic? Good generator, though.
10:59 PM on 9/15/12
CWRA0444 (BTW I'm no hunger games fan, so I might have missed a memo somewhere.)
11:00 PM on 9/15/12
LavenderLullabies I got "Katpat Abledeen" XD
5:15 PM on 1/3/15
corrosive_limes Not bad. My favorites so far are "Ripnitch Neverfrost" and "Primrose Neverrose" XD
11:55 AM on 1/30/15
ShortHairCat Maywin Neverspark...
5:10 PM on 4/21/16
FLOWEY222222222 how did u make the custom images
1:53 PM on 9/18/16
Breon_The_Umbreon Solnitch aberbone... EPIC
1:02 PM on 9/26/19

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