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James Bond Villain Generator
James Bond without an insane super villain to fight against is basically just a suave, womanizing douchebag. To ensure an endless supply of bond villains we've built the "Bond Villian Generator.

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Silver_Sky Gottlob Klatzkin Evil Plot: Irradiate the world's supply of baked goods How He Will Be killed: Bludgeoned with a pineapple Ouch. Pineapple.... What a way to go.
7:10 PM on 5/14/15
CHGuenette Baron Colombian Zelitchenko Evil Plot: Possess Russia How He Will Be Killed: Beaten to death by Girl Scouts
12:22 PM on 5/20/15
Generatorthegenerator Baron Horace Kantemir Evil Plot: Irradiate the world's supply of tea How He Will Be killed: Bludgeoned with a bust of the queen Wtf
2:07 PM on 7/27/15
Jedi Knight1138 Baron Marin Freyer Evil Plot: Control Norway How He Will Be killed: Got lost in yard maze, dies of hunger! This guy is an idiot!
12:19 PM on 11/27/15
Jedi Knight1138 And plus, the save result button isn't working for me. It's not even there!
8:40 PM on 11/27/15
faf_caligula15 The same result button isn't working! :/
11:21 AM on 3/19/17
baysha Maxime Brunswig Evil Plot: Blow up the president of the United States How He Will Be killed: Eaten by squirrels wow. what a death
7:32 PM on 3/29/17
UndeadYeti Count Quinton Galkovsky Evil Plot: Control the world's supply of weapons How He Will Be killed: Fatal sunburn How come the save button doesn't work?
1:47 PM on 5/22/17

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