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The Outrage Generator

Want to be outraged but not sure where to start? No problem, we can help you get your dander in a tizzy in no time!

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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oculus-temmelfare Someone needs to do something about COLLEGE TUITION! It's ridiculous how high it is in the United States
4:29 PM on 4/28/20
A furry girl You know what needs to be on the news? CANCER! omg what
11:47 AM on 5/8/20
A furry girl Aren't we all sick of zoo animal nudity!
11:48 AM on 5/8/20
Dove's Mourning Aren't we all sick of HEALTHCARE! Not pricing or accessibility, just the concept of healing, y'know?
6:24 PM on 8/12/20
ILoveMemes3000 I'm sick of DEATH! You're what now
5:37 AM on 10/15/20
sussybaka69420 I'm so tired of STRAWS! They destroy the environment!
2:12 AM on 7/12/21
JunFerra "It's time for RADIOACTIVE CROWS!"-oh s****
7:14 AM on 11/15/21

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