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Drug Name Generator

One day they will have a pill for everything. To keep up with the unending demand for pharmaceuticals we've developed the New Drug Generator, which will not only provide you with a cure, but also a disease and the requisite side-effects. You don't look so good. Better start clicking.

Click the Pill > < Get a New Drug

Another name generator by Generatorland.


Generator Land Members level "Capybara" or above can leave comments.
ff2 Potential side effects: urges to kill, laughter, and confusion. i do not want to take that pill.
10:43 PM on 8/16/11
tynerfed1 side effects: urges to kill,laughter, and indian durns?
9:02 AM on 11/17/11
SpanglingSyrinx Welate (for Buzzoses ) Potential side effects: general death, halitosis, and clay-colored stools. No. Just no.
5:52 PM on 10/24/12
ZTO333 Mushilia (for Puffspititis ) Potential side effects: herpes, vomit that looks like coffee grounds, and gambling.
10:41 PM on 5/18/13
Necrosis33 Floin ( Phaldamostasis) can cause giggling hiccuping and bleeding from the eyes.
3:22 AM on 5/11/14
minecraft4evas BRAVZELL (Boozpusostasis Deformity) SIDE EFFECTS: halo vision, bizarre behavior, and "Explosive Diarrhea".
7:54 PM on 11/27/14
andugeneratti Bravid (for Branoses ) Potential side effects: gas, rudeness, and weight gain. SO THATS WHAT ERIC CARTMAN IS USING...
2:11 AM on 2/24/18
Breon_The_Umbreon Nosteria gives you Spinal tWiStInG
12:46 PM on 9/26/19
Breon_The_Umbreon And Gumnox = loss of eyelids
12:48 PM on 9/26/19
Breon_The_Umbreon Skizure Side effects: basket weaving, loss of eyelids, and skull weakening
12:49 PM on 9/26/19
ClerihewYawn Boxolan (for Skiddustastasia Deformity) Potential side effects: pointless storytelling, ankle swelling, and bloating.
5:13 PM on 9/30/19
ClerihewYawn lolol
5:13 PM on 9/30/19

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