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Another name generator by Generatorland.


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sonicfan101 lolz!!! funnyXD
6:02 PM on 6/21/10
photographicCHIC105 omg we have the same pic! well this generator is cool too lolz
5:36 PM on 9/2/10
varitysinning sweet!
5:29 AM on 6/30/11
ff2 • Someone will spit in your taco. lol
10:38 PM on 8/16/11
Jenethia you will get a phone call that will change your life as it relates to...PIZZA? they're gonna give me free pizza, aren't they?
8:43 PM on 10/5/11
Smaners1222 Bet they will
9:07 PM on 9/21/12
gongol what are shriners and why do they want to eat me?
1:22 AM on 11/4/12
Valve The spider that bit you in your sleep was radioactive and you now have super powers... I'll take it! :D
6:43 PM on 11/29/12
bombkid What the Fuuuuu.......?
4:28 PM on 12/7/12
Arkio Dharkaea 1st time I use this generator and it says I should be a Satanic Guidance Counselor. This thing knows me!
9:10 PM on 4/9/13
soliloquySpinner God will tell you the meaning of your existence, but in a thick, unintelligible accent. Well gee, God, thanks!
1:41 AM on 11/26/13
xxStarlight13xx 'You will find a turtle in your laundry' See a turtle, anyone?
10:29 PM on 3/12/14
Necrosis33 It's tim it e you hurled yourself into a rotting swamp of YOU! and it says to um.. stop touching myself.
2:54 AM on 5/11/14
minecraft4evas oh my god. IDEK...ok. ARE YOU READY, FOLKS?Your curtains are not opaque. • You will scratch yourself at the absolute wrong time. • Tomorrow brings more soup. • Stay away from dairy products.
7:55 PM on 11/27/14
remziii ''Don't worry, it doesn't make you gay. ''
5:30 PM on 1/21/17
VintageLemonBlood HEYYYY erm how do you get that pic
10:14 AM on 11/11/18
ClerihewYawn "Shave your head." Okay...*shaves head*
5:18 PM on 9/30/19
ClerihewYawn Look over your your tax forms again. Boy are you gonna shit. **** wut---
5:19 PM on 9/30/19
savvysapphic "You're not the only one depressed by your failures." :(
11:48 AM on 4/27/22

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