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The Snack-O-Matic
Mmmm. Salty, crispy, fried, snacks in greasy foil and plastic bags. Is there anything better? Somewhere a marketing goon at Frito-Lay is thinking up the next iteration of the chip or the puff and when they do, we'll snap them up and guzzle them down like we're being paid for it.

In the meantime, you can easily create your own with the Snack-O-Matic. Sorry about the cheese crumbs on the button.
snack generator

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ThePelton Gristle and gruel toastingos. Yummy!
2:12 PM on 5/15/10
Necrosis33 Barbecue with Popcorn Testeggers. Don't enjoy thinking about the last part. But barbecue popcorn sounds delish!!
3:18 AM on 5/11/14
Jedi Knight1138 Ginkgo with Licorice Zappippity Doos? Anybody dare clarify what Ginkgo is? because I have no idea.
5:50 PM on 4/15/16

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