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Celebrity Talk Shows

Celebrity Talk Shows


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jarad The Vivien Leigh Show re-airs on Friday: discussing how Sake made the female lead pouty while filming Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
4:36 PM on 1/24/10
Shannon1986 The Nicolas Cage Show re-airs on Thursday: discussing how Cake was used in the script for Europa Europa
3:57 PM on 1/25/14
Mapcap2015 The Adriana Barraza Show re-airs on Thursday: discussing how Diapers almost bankrupt The Perfect Storm
4:46 PM on 1/24/15
WolfMoon2845 The Jeanne Crain Show re-airs on Wednesday: discussing how Pasta upset the director on The Bourne Ultimatum
2:15 PM on 2/28/15

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