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Creating some monster characters

Another one of those monster-character generators out there. Use for fun or to make a new OC!


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Arkio Dharkaea Awesome.
12:21 PM on 5/30/13
Ravencrime Simple yet super! I like how it just gives a couple details so that I have enough to work with on my own. Keep up the awesome work!
1:10 PM on 11/30/13
Ravencrime "Reclusive troll who makes pastries" = that sounds oddly adorable :3
2:02 PM on 4/6/14
minecraft4evas A Thespian mouse boy that loves plush toys....Wut? Da? Heq?
4:50 PM on 11/29/14
SweetMarshmallowPony Annoying satyr boy that wears flamboyant capes. Reminds me of France from Hetalia, anyone?
4:34 AM on 2/19/15
MistyBlooky I love this! Thank you for making it. :)
2:47 PM on 1/16/16
MistyBlooky "Annoying pig person who is terrified of bees" sounds like me tbh.
2:49 PM on 1/16/16
UndeadYeti Loud pig person who loves too-big sweaters
6:02 PM on 5/28/17
Pludoo Loving rabbit girl that sleeps a lot! made the art here! (sorry it sucks)
8:15 AM on 6/13/17
tamamakitty Reclusive bird boy who is terrified of bunnies. I love it
10:37 AM on 7/31/18
Booplesnoot Villainous satyr boy who likes to wear too big sweaters. I like it.
12:52 AM on 12/11/19
Oxy-moron "Heroic mouse boy that likes to wear bows" Awww that's too cute :D
1:33 AM on 8/30/20
theworldisendingandmytoastisburnt "Reclusive goat boy who likes to act" I am 100% making this into a regular oc. Love this
10:27 AM on 9/26/22

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