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Republican Presidential Candidate Generator
Why wait for the perfect Republican candidate to bubble up through the political process when you can just make your own?

Click for > < a candidate

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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Stanislav93 It's funny, but it needs more possible outcomes.
5:34 PM on 3/19/12
Thirdmartin yeah
8:51 PM on 5/14/12
FlautistMedela58 Haha, cool generator!
3:48 AM on 8/11/12
2012nonbeliever Ok those are real people's pictures
9:16 AM on 9/12/12
lionaxel @2012nonbeliever - Yeah?
1:28 AM on 3/9/13
mlpgenerators Dick Dirks. I got DICK DIRKS.
8:34 AM on 8/9/13
Shannon1986 Quit acting like a hippy, hippy.
12:23 AM on 2/7/14
Necrosis33 Holy shit!! Joe Wayne ( canditate) thinks 911 changed US in a good way!!! Crappy canditate, Joe, just so you know!
2:42 AM on 5/11/14
Syrface "Former Game Show Host" I can believe that.
5:36 PM on 9/1/15

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