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Fake Girlfriend Generator
Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend has been all over the news and we figured there are plenty of guys out there who have might be interested creating their own fake girlfriends. She's a click away!

Click to Get > < Your Girlfriend!

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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Solarius Scorch Okay, it's so much fun I feel ashamed of myself.
4:58 AM on 2/20/13
Arkio Dharkaea It says suffering from albinism and yet she appears black.
12:44 PM on 4/24/13
2012nonbeliever Nichole Sabatino Attended Medcenter One College of Nursing Majored in Theology Suffering from SARS Met her at a French restaurant Favorite place to eat together is Stewart's
6:28 PM on 8/20/13
PabloNada Rosario Costales Attended Wittenberg University Majored in Forestry Suffering from Beriberi Met her at the pawn shop Favorite place to eat together is Shakey's Pizza
2:18 PM on 11/27/14
sassydingo Margret Libbey Attended Marquette University Majored in Automotive Machinist Suffering from Acne Met her in a ditch Favorite place to eat together is Ted's Hot Dogs. I'd date her c:
9:17 PM on 3/15/15
nipplespaghetti Met her in a swamp,, some BODY ONCE TOLD ME-
12:20 AM on 10/10/16
FLOWEY222222222 HOW DID U DO DIS??????
5:01 PM on 10/29/16
TheGreyEyedGirl "met in public restroom" lmao
5:29 PM on 3/15/17
UndeadYeti Alexandra Ammon Attended Grand Valley State University Majored in Graphic Design Suffering from Myxedema Met her on Main Street Favorite place to eat together is White Castle
1:54 PM on 5/22/17

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