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Donald Trump Slogan Generator

We've come up with a great, really terrific tool Trump supporters can use to spread The Donald's message of a better future. USA! USA! USA!
Trump Slogan Generator

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AverageGamingPlayer This is one of the best things I have ever.
2:06 PM on 4/29/16
Raven2115 Make bombast great again! Make Bluster great again! Make My Ass great again!?
6:58 PM on 10/9/16
Einherjar "Make habitual lying great again." That's Hillary's shtick.
3:35 PM on 11/27/16
Advakhiel On my 1st try, I got make Hitler great again.
1:55 PM on 4/27/17
UndeadYeti 'Make Dad's Money Great Again'
1:44 PM on 5/22/17
Cake_4_Life 'Make Nonsense Great Again'
1:05 PM on 6/13/17
McWhipplestick Make Protest Beatings Great Again.
2:41 PM on 12/26/17
TimberWolf66 "Make Knee Jerking Great Again"
2:56 PM on 2/7/18
HaileyS 'Make Habitual Lying Great Again' ain't that the truth!
11:08 AM on 8/4/18
ILoveMemes3000 'Make Donald Trump Great Again' You narcississtic !@#$%^&*
5:40 AM on 10/15/20
ToesAreTasty the TEA here is FLAMING HOT
11:09 PM on 10/27/20
4:32 PM on 1/6/21

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