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Are you an expectant celebrity or simply hate your unborn child?Then try out our Celebrity Baby Name Generator and fit your spawn with a first and middle name that'll have 'em in counseling by age 5.

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ThePelton I saw Boldo in an organic tea and spice shop. Boldo Eliza woulds probably end up in court ordered rehab by the age of seventeen.
12:25 PM on 6/7/10
napdynmite Linseed Brodie would be on Gossip Girl
7:45 PM on 4/6/11
ImeldaBloodpipe Briar Frank would be in rehab by the age of 18
1:49 PM on 9/13/12
AverageGamingPlayer You gave me so many Ideas.
1:54 PM on 4/29/16
AverageGamingPlayer Most of these aren't bad.
1:55 PM on 4/29/16

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