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The Obamanator
The press has been having a field day with President Obama's name (Obamanomics? Obamanation?) so we figured we'd just get all the derivations of Obama out there all at once and be done with it. Click the button until you've seen 'em all.



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jarad Obamanizer, baby
4:26 PM on 2/17/10
thepieisalie to the obamoble!
6:04 PM on 4/11/10
ThePelton Obamaship. Is it a style of governance, or a nautical vessel?
1:56 PM on 5/14/10
photographicCHIC105 lol cool!
1:35 PM on 8/29/10
telkol Is Obamectomy when your obama is removed
10:43 PM on 1/25/11
Jungle333 Just realised if you change the 'b' in Obama to an 's', you've got Osama, and Barrack (Obama's first name) starts with a B, just like Binladin!!!
10:08 PM on 6/20/13
Mrman4434 Obama Bin Laden, Obamaful , Obamitis, Obamism, obamituaries...
9:27 PM on 9/8/13
Necrosis33 Obamatron
12:31 PM on 5/11/14
Akavakaku Obamahedron! A 3d shape which resembles Obama.
4:38 AM on 10/11/14
Akavakaku Obamachondrion, the powerhouse of the executive branch!
1:52 AM on 3/6/15
Generatorthegenerator Obamaholic. When you drink too much Obama.
6:14 AM on 1/10/16
PhoenixFlowey It would be funny if someone got Obamanation. That's like the ULTIMATE pun
5:55 PM on 3/12/18
Eeekamouse When you walk up the steps to Air Force One and can’t seem to close your Obamabrella
8:59 PM on 9/22/19
Froggie_face Ahahaha I got Obamarchy
10:39 PM on 6/1/21

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