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Southern Sayings Generator

Whether your finer than a frog hair split four ways or as slippery as snot on a glass doorknob, you can learn a thing or three from the homespun sayings born down south. Or you can make up your own with the Southern Sayings Generator.

Just Click the Cow

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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SnaggletoothAnomie I'm as jumpy as a chicken-fried gypsy in a drawer full of panties. lolwut?
2:13 PM on 7/5/11
glump She was as nosy as a drunken badger at a picnic. Blardy drunken badgers. This is one of my fav generators. Well done.
9:02 PM on 8/26/11
BoneyGumboHopkins "I was as gay as a constipated prostitute looking for a fight." Interesting.
5:45 AM on 12/30/11
Valve "I'm as dimwitted as a slippery hillbilly on a hundred degree day." Hmm...
6:53 PM on 11/29/12
master2 He's as drunk as a prize-winning drag queen walking on a backyard fence.
3:45 PM on 3/16/13
Arkio Dharkaea She's as successful as a lucky convict in a cow's ass.
11:14 PM on 7/3/13
Akavakaku I was as confused as an old toad in a doughnut shop.
4:40 AM on 10/11/14
Hailey86 She was as oversexed as a flea-bitten possum in an onion sack
8:06 PM on 9/12/17

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