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The Hot Sauce Generator

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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SqueezlePrime Trinidad Burnin' Ghetto Sauce
2:39 PM on 4/16/11
SqueezlePrime Bubba's 6-Alarm Desert Sun Gasoline
2:39 PM on 4/16/11
Ravencrime Heartless Bloody Jalapeno Fuel
11:38 AM on 4/29/11
kuesopop Bloody Red-Hot Bastard Venom
6:00 PM on 9/9/11
tynerfed1 unrelenting merciless death fire nice
8:59 AM on 11/17/11
Arkio Dharkaea The Devil's Own Enraged Sphincter Magma I was meant to get this one because my twitter persona is the devil and I sometimes tweet about crapping magma.
12:47 AM on 7/28/12
HadesKerbecs4481 Hysterical Raw Cayenne Sauce
4:16 AM on 1/24/13
Necrosis33 The sizzler Blisterin King Cobra Sauce.
12:39 PM on 5/11/14
aceycamui Vicious Raging Ass Fire
4:14 AM on 10/20/15
aceycamui Mr Brown's Boiling Doom Juice...yikes lol
4:17 AM on 10/20/15
UndeadYeti Montezuma's Merciless Jerk Slop
11:20 AM on 6/8/17

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