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Horse Name Generator

Any self-respecting horse wants a catchy, obscure name that will get them noticed. Now you can make their horse dreams come true.

Creepy Elf Name

Another name generator by Generatorland.


Generator Land Members level "Capybara" or above can leave comments.
ThePelton And it's "Murderous Bastard Underwear" by a nose!
3:48 PM on 4/30/10
rockerpoet07 I think the people who name horses actually use this generator!
11:32 PM on 11/5/10
Ravencrime Here comes "Bucket of Drunken Science" round the third corner and he's now neck to neck with "Whistling Musty Cheese"!
9:35 AM on 4/29/11
lulu11 who found the what wizard in the lead
7:38 PM on 4/14/12
Arkio Dharkaea Romantic Electric Glamour. I am reminded of Dee Snider.
11:43 AM on 7/27/12
Smaners1222 Wally's meatloaf. Sounds yummy
8:58 PM on 9/21/12
remziii He's not YOUR rapscallion, he's Our Rapscallion!
5:26 PM on 1/21/17
NikoziVanilla Marla's Missing. It's like the horse is supposed to be a missing poster.
6:19 PM on 10/15/18
Aquanell Who Found the Sugar Cheese
11:34 AM on 1/19/19
Aquanell Endless Grave. So ominous
11:34 AM on 1/19/19
A furry girl His Honor the Underwear.
4:29 PM on 5/11/20
wowielolv2 Who found the In? I'm wondering the same thing!
3:30 PM on 10/13/21

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