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edgy overwatch theory generator

ever want to make a terrible theory? now you can


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Akavakaku "symmetra is trying really hard to be good but having a hard time" yeah pretty much.
7:00 PM on 8/22/16
TheUniverseBear Reinhardt is always a slut for doritos. I can see it
11:54 AM on 12/14/16
puellaignava bastion's bird is secretly the essence of all that is holy - how is this a theory i thought this was canon
6:02 PM on 1/30/17
1920sTrans "every blizzard employee is gay" nice
11:44 PM on 6/17/17
TheGrimOne reaper is a precious cinnamon roll.
3:57 AM on 8/9/17
TheGrimOne reaper is satan. (Very bipolar, aren't we generator?)
3:58 AM on 8/9/17
TheGrimOne pharah is dat boi!!! o shit waddup!!
4:00 AM on 8/9/17
greensphinx mei is the main character in a generic anime
3:56 PM on 2/6/18
8way sucks
1:09 PM on 6/1/18

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