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Karkat Insults Generator

For every Karkat RPer, LARPer, fanfiction writer, or anyone who just wants a good laugh.


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mlpgenerators I really hope the existence of this generator will cut down the use of "FUCKASS".
11:15 AM on 10/17/13
soliloquySpinner Oh, goodness. Cretinous fuming clusterfuckery? Amusing. I think I might use that one, where the situation permits. XD
1:49 AM on 11/25/13
soliloquySpinner And apparently 'lackadaisical fuming assclown.'
3:02 AM on 11/25/13
aveture lol "blithering unattractive footfucker" xD
1:49 AM on 2/14/14
DrBored fuckwhiffing horseshitting seedflap Amazing.
3:20 PM on 8/29/14
Tigerlily "Nooksmoking nookfucking asspress." Yes.
12:50 PM on 10/1/14
sailorcat horseshit whimsical buttfuck amazing
2:12 AM on 10/5/14
ToTheMax "how can you be such a fucksquatting pain in the waste chute" true poetry
10:12 PM on 10/29/14
MeloNeko I literally made an account here so I could say that "fuckbagging shitspewing razzmatazz of go fuck yourself in the ass" is probably my new favorite insult in the universe. Thank you.
10:37 AM on 11/17/14
SweetMarshmallowPony grubfisted grubfisting dickprince. XD
12:21 PM on 12/2/14
nag20987 spongedead douchefucking shitsuck ... Oh my god
11:58 PM on 4/3/15
nag20987 worst taintchafing piece of shit
11:59 PM on 4/3/15
YouCantExplainthat bulgescratching shitbagging razzmatazz of go fuck yourself in the ass. Beautiful.
12:54 PM on 7/8/15
gojira86 "poopflinging shitdicking assfuck"... Amazing. The very essence of Karkat in one convenient click of a button.
5:27 PM on 8/25/16
remziii whimsical poopflinging sparklefuck
5:22 PM on 1/21/17

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