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Anime Plot Generator 2.0

You know you want magical girls, giant robots, and gravity-defying hair--but what's the plot? Give your anime protagonist something to do!


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glump wow that all fits together really well. good one
4:02 AM on 8/31/11
Mocha444 I like this generator~!
2:59 AM on 6/14/12
Arkio Dharkaea Help! I think I generated Twilight!
1:29 AM on 7/11/13
stacycow39 this is so fun!
6:15 PM on 10/16/13
Ravencrime Like glump says, they all fit together. I've generated several really good ones. I would actually watch (or write) a lot of these.
1:32 AM on 12/22/14
Ritachin Just awesome~
11:05 AM on 11/17/16
InvaderVyx These are weirdly accurate. I feel like I'm reading anime descriptions on Netflix or something.
11:25 PM on 5/9/17
UndeadYeti A group of unlikely friends is granted special powers to stop a war that would destroy civilization, but is forced to abandon a friend in order to continue.
1:27 PM on 5/29/17
pxsteller A girl disguised as a knight accidentally discovers a secret plan and ends up helping to stop an assassination plot against a lovely young princess, but must choose between multiple love interests. This is sooo good~
5:13 PM on 7/6/18

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