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Confucius Says
The Kung Fu Movie Generator
Ever lose an entire Saturday to a Kung Fu movie marathon? You're not alone. Now you can lose a Saturday to creating your own martial arts masterpiece. Click until you find your true path to glory. If you like it, save it (if you're a GL member, grasshopper.)

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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ThePelton Burma is now Myanmar.
8:36 PM on 1/10/11
mdlafond Nice work Grasshopper
10:54 AM on 1/23/11
ThePelton Whispering Beaver, Lurching Hairball. No comment.
5:25 PM on 4/4/11
Ravencrime Queen with the Winking Muffin [o.-] Stinking Farmer, Itching Lemur... go scratch that lemur u stinking farmer!
9:33 AM on 4/29/11
princessrec Hero of the Lunching Weapon is just odd,but I think Lunching is supposed to be launching,maybe.
6:47 AM on 6/5/11
glump "Dribbling Beaver , Dribbling Pork " Think this one is more of a porn film. Love your generator though.
4:51 AM on 8/30/11
Sideburns Nipples of Resentment
12:25 AM on 11/3/11
PotatoJuice Nipples of Tribulation!! I'd watch that :3
4:30 AM on 12/3/11
SPICYxMcHaggis Nipple Twist of Suffering
9:20 AM on 2/9/12
SPICYxMcHaggis Also, Man Pak: Battle for the Ghetto
9:22 AM on 2/9/12
2012nonbeliever Cool
11:08 PM on 6/11/12
Smaners1222 Kick of water. sounds like something I would watch
12:31 PM on 9/22/12
Necrosis33 Ug Li: Raiders of the Bedroom?? Talk about dirty lmfao!!!
2:36 AM on 5/11/14
The caped bacon Shaman with the slapping Geisha. Ooh boy.
10:32 AM on 8/22/15
UndeadYeti Detective of the Itching Muffin
7:11 PM on 5/31/17
A furry girl Toes of Mourning
10:01 AM on 5/11/20
A furry girl Teacher and the Roaming Knife. Oh god i can see how this ends.
10:02 AM on 5/11/20

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