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Reality Show Generator
Apparently "we" can't get enough reality shows. Given our hunger for more and more everyday shmoes pretending to be real in front of cameras and millions of people, we offer the Reality Show Generator.
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Another name generator by Generatorland.


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napdynmite Scientologists left in the wilderness? When is it on? I'm already a fan!
9:31 AM on 11/12/10
ceeceeroxx lol hosuewives of malibu create and stage a musical XD
7:03 PM on 12/7/10
telkol Car salesman spending a night in a haunted house... fascinating
9:58 PM on 1/25/11
Ravencrime "Artists are hunted for sport by Nuns".... that I gotta see
11:06 AM on 4/29/11
Ravencrime and of course "The Scandalous Lives of Amish Folk" 0.0 what really goes down on the farm?
11:06 AM on 4/29/11
555pero555 farmers recreate crime scenes...THE ONLY GOOD REALITY TV SHOW!
6:01 AM on 8/14/11
hawkfrost050 A Closer Look at Nuns?! XD Love that show!
7:54 PM on 8/28/11
glump "Meth Addicts hunt dangerous animals " now your talking...
11:19 AM on 9/7/11
Sideburns Living with Beautiful Women - Its a show about me. I'm totally kidding hahahaha
12:26 AM on 11/3/11
CGPM "Nudists hunt Housewives Of Malibu" I'm scared
5:10 PM on 12/4/11
CGPM "Under the Covers with Car Salesmen" ditto
5:11 PM on 12/4/11
2012nonbeliever Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!
9:56 PM on 6/19/12
Evermynd The Wives of Hookers
11:44 AM on 6/25/12
Evermynd Science Fiction Nerds make a porno with Farmers
11:45 AM on 6/25/12
Arkio Dharkaea Behind the Scenes with Priests. Hmm... we know what that means.
12:59 AM on 7/28/12
bunny1212kl Spoiled Rich Kids compete to win $1,000,000.... That sounds interesting.
4:13 PM on 6/26/13
AlexanPT Millionaires recreate crime scenes - this one would seem like it'd be nice to watch (too bad I didn't save it x.x) And this one: Priests left in the wilderness Would be funny to watch!
4:10 PM on 12/14/13
AlexanPT Sideshow Freaks make a porno with Runway Models Former Disco Dancers make a porno with Rednecks. Plots for porn, lolz.
4:12 PM on 12/14/13
ETCanime "Beautiful Women pair off with and marry Obese Housewives " W-E-L-L then.
11:41 PM on 2/25/14
The caped bacon Getting to know sideshow freaks... Sounds great
11:49 AM on 6/14/15
homuncularquidnunc "Truck Drivers debate against Nihilists" I'd watch that.
10:20 PM on 9/2/15
homuncularquidnunc Trust Fund Kids are put in a cabin in the woods with Millionaires--so basically, trust fund kids are put in a cabin in the woods?
10:21 PM on 9/2/15
homuncularquidnunc East Coast Intellectuals make a porno with Retired Firemen.
10:22 PM on 9/2/15
homuncularquidnunc Ballerinas pair off and find romance with Cheerleaders: gimme gimme gimme
7:12 PM on 9/29/15
aceycamui Nuns reveal their darkest desires..whattttt lol
5:39 AM on 10/20/15
gojira86 Nuns compete to anchor a news show against Former Beauty Queens
7:51 PM on 8/25/16
UndeadYeti Farmers reveal their darkest deeds
11:38 AM on 5/28/17
Aquanell Hillbillys run a bakery
12:59 PM on 4/5/19
BlindHedgehog Random thought (I haven't seen this anywhere): Eagles and Extortionists
2:52 PM on 8/23/19
BlindHedgehog Did you bring your sharp swords, or are you more ept behind the counter of the Dewey decimal system?
2:54 PM on 8/23/19
BlindHedgehog Are you truly coming for a pilot's license or will you instead get stranded in suicide by the vices of music theory?
2:57 PM on 8/23/19
BlindHedgehog Which matters more: Honest endurance or accrued interest? Find out on our next episode!
4:40 PM on 8/23/19

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