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Or Die
Your Death Metal Band shall be:

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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Syvan Hell's Filthy Rhino. Already making the T-shirts...
10:24 AM on 8/15/11
tynerfed1 the chaos.. sounds good
9:03 AM on 11/17/11
tynerfed1 the havoc that is good
9:03 AM on 11/17/11
Evermynd The Pumpkin
5:19 PM on 12/8/11
Evermynd Beezlebub is my new band name
5:19 PM on 12/8/11
BoneyGumboHopkins Twisted Inferno.
5:54 AM on 12/30/11
SPICYxMcHaggis Nocturnal Master...I may actually use that...
9:33 PM on 2/13/12
wildstar582 Hellfire.. used it last time XD i like this generator a lot
5:28 PM on 2/19/12
Arkio Dharkaea Now you can generate names for the band members!
3:46 AM on 8/4/12
Smaners1222 the black
9:00 PM on 9/21/12
Solarius Scorch "Metal". What more needs be said?
5:32 AM on 2/20/13
AlexanPT Hitler's Anal Spasm Destroyers Wtf? XD
4:22 PM on 12/14/13
AlexanPT Misery and Hell - cool name
4:23 PM on 12/14/13
Necrosis33 Lords of Origin seems badass.
12:27 PM on 5/11/14
HCS86 Death! That's already taken!
10:25 PM on 3/23/18
MaskedLesbian "The" I'm claiming it.
8:48 PM on 4/28/18

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