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Celebrity Fad Diet Generator

Celebrities are awesome. Also, they're rarely fat. So if they decide to share their brilliant dieting secrets with us commonfolk, we'd better listen so we can learn how to be like them.

Quick! Click the scale and let's blindly follow their lead!

Meal Plan
Fad Diet

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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taft1909 Like the world needs any more fad diets - but that's precisely the beauty of this generator!
8:49 PM on 1/10/10
Ravencrime Go through one spin in the washmachine! Woot!
11:37 AM on 4/29/11
kuesopop The Rebecca Saint James Cat Diet Eat more other beverages: and eat only raw spirulina. Bathe in your own urine. gross
8:46 AM on 10/1/11
Tkdriverx "Spend one full spin cycle inside your washing machine." I don't think this is even possible.
7:03 PM on 11/6/14
McWhipplestick "The Masi Oka Suicidal Diet- Always eat kohlrabi and eat more cane juice. Wish upon a star" That name though.
3:07 PM on 12/26/17

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