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The Harry Potter Sequel Generator
Now the Harry Potter series will never end. When you get a hankering for the teen wizards just generate a whole new sequel.

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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ThePelton "Harry Potter and the Student Untion of Wicked Sadness" Hmm.
8:12 PM on 7/6/10
photographicCHIC105 lol so funny
11:40 AM on 8/28/10
Ravencrime Harry Potter and the Cabinet of Holy Hand Grenades - "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then shalt thou count to three..."
11:26 AM on 4/29/11
555pero555 good. Deathly hallows part 2 isn't the last movie that to this!
5:04 AM on 8/4/11
ff2 Harry potter and the secret of the urns sounds good
10:51 PM on 8/16/11
glump "Harry Potter and the Magnificent Bastard" hehe
3:49 AM on 8/31/11
TakingTheMoon "Harry Potter and the Myth of the Cousins." :D
5:08 PM on 9/3/11
CGPM Harry Potter and the Aquarium of Lost Handbags
10:01 AM on 12/4/11
FlautistMedela58 Harry Potter and the Table of Jumpy Wainscoting, LOLZ!
3:13 AM on 8/11/12
FlautistMedela58 Harry Potter and the Potion of the Pie like it
4:46 AM on 9/2/12
Jungle333 Harry Potter and the Flight of the Penguins. Yah.
10:01 PM on 6/20/13
Akavakaku Harry Potter and the Valley of Lost Reptiles. HARRY POTTER DINOSAUR FANFICTION YEAH
1:55 AM on 3/6/15
UndeadYeti Harry Potter and the Basement of Unavoidable Dolphins
11:30 AM on 5/28/17
UndeadYeti Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Grapes
11:19 AM on 6/8/17
Raven2115 Harry Potter and the Flight of Butter
3:55 AM on 7/20/17
whatever1013 Harry Potter and the Cauldron of Impenetrable Lunch Meat
8:07 PM on 9/19/17

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