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Khajiit Name Generator

Generates Khajiit names. Khajiits, especially males, usually have a prefix added to their name, and each prefix has a specific meaning. Dar = Thief, clever Do = Warrior Dro = Grandfather/Grandmother J/Ja/Ji = Bachelor, Young Adult Jo = Wizard, Scholar M/Ma = Child, Apprentice, also used to imply virginity Qa = Unknown Ra = Shows Status Ri = Status, often tribal leader S = Adult


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ChagrinedJuju very creative, i like the idea of the prefixes! :)
11:51 AM on 1/27/13
Arachnakid Dar Eeling--just one missing letter! lol
8:05 AM on 6/12/13
Goats&Coffee Interesting
7:24 PM on 2/1/14
Necrosis33 Do Tzar
3:05 AM on 5/11/14

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