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Dangerous Fugitive Generator (Male Version)

Be on the lookout for menaces to society like the ones found in this generator.

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taft1909 Okay, "This fellow is a savage gunman. He disemboweled these old folks way up in Garland. If found he should be apprehended dead or alive." For this guy the "or alive" should be eliminated!
2:13 PM on 9/1/10
Critkal "This man is a shifty butcher. He tortured a kid up there in Arlington. If found in the area notify an officer." Uh, duh lol. I like it though.
9:56 AM on 9/2/10
Arachnakid "This chum is a shameful kook. He murdered some priest way up in Fontana. If spotted around town defend yourself." lol, I just love the phrase "a shameful kook"! :3
7:03 AM on 9/5/10
2thpick Glad people seem to like it. I was gonna make a female version, but on second thought it be pointless; they'd be too similar.
11:40 PM on 9/8/10
Ravencrime These results are freaking epic! Love each and every one of them! And yes, I think people can simply choose to change it to a female if they want to. You don't HAVE to make a female version. I love this either way :D
1:19 PM on 11/30/13

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