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Confucius Says
The Attack Move Generator
Generate new ways to bring the pain. Please note that is not responsible for any damages resulting from you being stupid enough to actually attempt any of these moves.
Fight Moves

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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photographicCHIC105 wat the heck?!
11:38 AM on 8/28/10
telkol How do you bite and a maul a knee at the same time? Are they the same knee or different ones?
9:55 PM on 1/25/11
EmmaUchiha xDDD This is too good. "Wicked Psychopath Move - Bend Gut While You Swing chair at Groin".
8:09 PM on 2/6/11
ff2 "Spinning Monkey Frenzy Thrust fingers into Eyes as You Grab Eyes"? lol
10:22 PM on 8/16/11
Evermynd Unhallowed Kill Storm Gnaw on Larynx as You Maul Armpit Chuck Norris has a new move.
5:08 PM on 12/8/11
Evermynd Nuclear Lunatic Assault - Grab Shoulder While You Kick Ass
5:10 PM on 12/8/11
Evermynd Brutal Gorilla Outbreak - Dismantle Elbow and at the Same Time, Twist Ass
5:10 PM on 12/8/11
555pero555 Black maniac eraser poke skull and @ the same time slap, bladder
4:29 AM on 7/28/12
555pero555 Godless Demoniac Dance Break Hair as You Break Bladder. thats EVIL!
6:07 AM on 7/28/12
MrKyurem Holy Baboon Wango Tango Cripple Neck and Strike Bladder Wow.
2:53 PM on 11/23/12
Terebinth Shocking Death Doom Disjoint Tonsils (If Available) While You Break Tonsils (If Available) what
2:37 PM on 10/12/13
LavenderLullabies "Furious Kill Destructor Maul Eyelids While You Bite Pelvis" OH MY GODDDD XD
1:49 PM on 1/16/15
Breon_The_Umbreon Shrieking manta lunge Dislodge @$§ and at the same time grip ribs
11:38 AM on 9/27/19
YeetersUwU Schizophrenic Cowabunga Incursion Choke Scapula and at the Same Time, Dig nails into Ass IDK seems pretty gay ta me Õ>Ô
3:18 AM on 5/19/21
YeetersUwU Satan's Neurotic Hell-Bringer-Strike Shoulder While You Bend Ass... kinky
3:24 AM on 5/19/21

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